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Be the first to experience the captain and the thrill of the hunt., in Captain’s Shineheart’s Gold, an adventure to remember.

In ages past, an orcish pirate captain defeated a dragon and took its hoard, but neither the captain nor the gold has ever been found. Now, a newly discovered map may lead the way to a vast treasure. The path to the gold is not a safe one, and many perils await those who attempt to forge a path to the captain’s hideout. Treasure hunters and thrill seekers will face threats both natural and supernatural in their quest for riches, but may also find some friends in strange places. Will they emerge victorious and resplendent with wealth, or will their avarice ultimately be their undoing?
Captain Shineheart’s Gold is an adventure for 10th to 12th level characters. While it is perfect for slotting into an existing seafaring campaign, it also makes a great standalone adventure for those wanting to experience higher level play. The adventure includes a number of pregenerated characters to allow players to jump right into the action.


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