Who is The Eldritch Press?

TEP is run by me, Fletcher Haug, and I bring together a cabal of freelance writers, editors, artists, cartographers, gamers, and other talented creators to produce our products. I’m located on the east coast of the US, in the beautiful Mid-Hudson valley, about 80 north of New York City. The rest of the talent comes from around the world, including Canada, the UK, Poland, Greece, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and many other locations. Organizing all these talents is sometimes difficult, but well worth the effort.

At the end of it all, The Eldritch Press is a clever way for me to make a living through gaming, although I still rely on a retirement check to pay the mortgage. Many ideas and themes for our products come from our own gaming tables, which host rotating game masters and players. This has been happening for decades, and that still isn’t enough gaming to quench the thirst my thirst for tabletop roleplaying games.

I have seen many game systems played on our tables, including D&D 1st-5th editions, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Fallout 3, Shadowrun, Stars Without Numbers, Pathfinder, Shadowdark, and many more. However, in my heart, old-school, gritty fantasy games are what I was weened on, and they are still my favorite style. I believe that at the core of any good campaign is a great story, and it really doesn’t matter what game system is used: if the story line is engrossing and full of mysteries, it will keep the player’s attention. The Eldritch Press is not focused on producing products filled with new feats, classes, rules, or the like, but instead we want to provide immersive stories that draw players in for more.

Our Adventures Are

  • Designed to be setting-neutral, allowing them to be inserted easily into any campaign world with little effort. Our locations and NPCs are richly detailed, but do not rely on a specific setting, and they give you details that can be used as a complete story line, or picked apart to suite your needs.
  • Designed with a stylish and functional layout, allowing you to run a game straight from the PDF or book, and which are viewable in either one or two-page spread. 
  • Fully bookmarked and hyperlinked PDFs that connect to all NPCs and items for fast access. Every adventure connects to audio files that can be played while you’re running the game.
  • Provided in both high resolution and printer friendly PDF files. All maps and images are supplied as separate files, allowing for easy sharing with players.
  • Filled with stylistic art work and detailed maps and will be provided in VTT formats, including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and others.
  • Available for 5th edition, and we full intend to release adventures for Shadowdark, OSE, and other current and emerging fantasy based d20 systems, such as Kobold Press’ Paizo’s new projects.

What We Believe In?

  • Rich, immersive, and believable campaigns where character choices have consequence and meaning. 
  • Adventures and Sidequest where the GM can have as much fun running a game as the players have playing their characters. 
  • Adventures designed to be rules-lite, allowing the GM to be flexible and responsive, and  focused on the players’ initiatives, not just the results of the dice rolls.
  • A one-stop product that gives you quick access to needed information, allowing you to spend your time developing your world instead of researching rules.
  • Adventures themed with a sensible storyline which allows the GM to adjust and expand the world to fit the players’ characters’ decisions.
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